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Best Hiking Trails near Prescott, AZ


There is no better way to spend a lovely day outside than on the trail, experiencing spectacular mountain panoramas, local species and interacting with other nature/exercise aficionados. Paths for hiking, jogging, and mountain biking abound in the Prescott region. Let's look at the best trails in the Prescott area:

Watson Lake Loop Trail

The Watson Lake path features great vistas and interesting tight curves. If you haven't visited the region before, the lake is bordered by the stunning Granite Dells, multi-colored boulders, and rock formations that are unique to the area.

There are various hiking choices since going up and over the cliffs might be difficult. The Northshore path is rocky and steep, while the Over the Hill track is more moderate and the Peavine and Lower Granite Creek trails are quite level.

Granite Basin

This region has several hiking, biking, and horseback riding paths with beautiful views of Granite Mountain. Choose the Little Granite Mountain trek, a 7.2-mile walk in three phases. The first section is hilly, shaded, and enjoyable. The second portion is more difficult since there isn't much shade. The third segment is downhill, beginning in the woodland. You may make it as long or as short as you wish.

Constellation Trails

The Constellation Trails are a series of trail loops in the Granite Dells that provide vistas of stunning wildflowers and trail conditions ranging from packed soil to slippery rock. Mountain biking and hiking are permitted. This trailhead is situated immediately south of The Phippen Museum on the west side of State Route 89.

Thumb Butte Trail

This climb takes you high above the city to the eye-catching granite butte that can be seen from anywhere in Prescott. From the summit, you can see the surrounding mountains and plains regions in both directions.

The route seems intimidating from the parking lot but goes counter-clockwise for a gentle rise and a dramatic fall. The trail from the butte down the steep side of the mountain is entirely paved and has superb grip, making the descent considerably simpler than imagined.

Lynx Lake Loop

The Lynx Lake Loop Trail at the Lynx Lake Recreation Area, just east of Prescott, is a great place to go for an easy yet gorgeous stroll. This 2.4-mile walk hugs the lake's shores, providing opportunities to watch birds and other animals.

The Lynx Lake region is located in Prescott National Forest, a rich ponderosa pine forest. On this trail, you don't feel like you're in Arizona.