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History of Prescott Valley

About Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley, a mid-size city located about 80 miles north of Phoenix, is synonymous with unspoiled beauty of nature, scenic mountains, and wide open spaces. Not many of travelers know that the early history of Prescott Valley is connected with the city’s top landmark – Grassford Hill, once an active volcano…


Archaeological data suggests that the first people moved here about 3,000 years ago. But it was not until 1860s that this place started to attract attention of settlers. And the reason for this was the discovery of gold in the nearby mountains. In the decades that followed, Prescott Valley was inhabited by miners and ranchers, who raised cattle to supply the population. In the 1880s, Prescott Valley was part of the communications system established to track the movements of the Apache tribes.

In the 1890s, Thomas Gibson Barlow-Massicks, who managed a gold mining operation in Lynx Creek Canyon, arrived in Prescott Valley and built the historic castle, which is one of the city’s attractions located in Fain Park. At that time, the settlement was known as Lonesome Valley, with the main industries being farming and mining.

The next crucial era in the area’s development happened in the 1960s, when a real estate company based in Phoenix bought land that would soon become Prescott Valley. Representatives from this company traveled to the Midwest in order to sell home lots. As a result, the city, which was named Prescott Valley, saw the influx of new residents. By 1970s, the population of the city had grown to over 1,500 people, and in 1978 Prescott Valley was incorporated.

In the decades that followed. Prescott Valley saw the establishment of the church (1970), bank (1971), elementary school (1972), high school (1976), and other public buildings. Prescott Valley evolved into one of the most dynamically growing communities in Arizona, with over 48,000 residents. While the city is continuing to grow, its residents are proud of a small-town atmosphere that makes Prescott Valley a fun and enjoyable place to live in.

Prescott Valley may not be the most obvious destination for those traveling around Arizona. However, if you ever happen to be around, you definitely won’t regret it: Prescott Valley’s clean mountain air and natural wonders leave a long-lasting impression on each traveler.