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Local Businesses in Phoenix, AZ

Manufacturing and tourism, which have historically been the backbone of the city's economy, remain vital to Phoenix. Aircraft parts, electrical appliances, agricultural chemicals, radios, air-conditioning equipment, leather goods, and native American crafts are significant consumer items produced by businesses in the metropolitan area.

Phoenix has become the state's urban hub as a result of population and economic development. The Phoenix metropolitan area employs more than a third of the state's total labor force. Furthermore, several Fortune 500 companies, including Boeing, Bank of America, Time Warner Telecom, IBM, and Intel, have operations in the field.

Aircraft and aircraft components, electrical devices, steel castings and fabrications, flour, bottles, farm chemicals, aluminum appliances, radios, mobile homes, air conditioning machines, creamery products, alcohol, wine, saddles and leather goods, clothing, native American and Mexican novelties are among the items and goods manufactured.

The Arizona Legislature has allocated $7 million to administer the Arizona Work Force Development and Job Training program, targeted at new and existing businesses. Funds are available on a grant basis and range from $2,000 to $5,000 per job.

The local labor force is described as young, plentiful, and well-educated. Arizona consistently ranks in the top five growth states, and workers are attracted by the quality of life to be enjoyed. A right-to-work state, Arizona has a union membership of 3.6 percent in the private sector.

Local Businesses in Phoenix, AZ
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